Whether you have an existing driveway that needs maintenance or you are thinking of installing a new driveway, Tabaku has a specialist driveways team with over ten years of experience of installing block paving drives. We use high quality locally sourced materials with modern up to date plant and construction methods for driveway installation.


There are so many garden fencing options to choose from that it can often be confusing.  Don’t worry because we can guide you through the entire process.  Aside from the obvious practicalities of making sure that your fence is secure, safe and abides with council regulations, we can also advise on the decorative aspect.


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Installing new paving or a patio can transform the look of your garden, whether you’re looking to create some new outdoor space, or add value to your property.  Our paving and patio building service helps home owners and property developers bring their gardens to life with beautifully crafted hardstandings.  Our professional paving, design and building service will take care of all aspects of building your new patio.

If you are using paving that is permeable (or porous) you will not require planning permission.  If you choose materials such as gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt for your driveway, planning permission is not required.  If the excess rainwater is directed to a lawn or border in order to drain naturally then planning permission is also not required.

When we excavate and prepare the area where your paving will be we use weed control in the form of a thick Geo-textile membrane beneath paving that is laid on a sand screed and under all gravel or bark areas.  This will prevent any growth from below, however it is almost impossible to stop weeds from completely growing, at a surface level.  We advise all customers that a weed killer is used periodically.

Your paving will require very little maintenance.  However, some paving finishes are easier to keep clean than others.  Paving slabs or blocks with a riven surface will allow dirt to gather more easily, whereas smooth paving tiles are less prone to surface dirt.  Porous materials like Sandstone will allow dirt to pentrate deeper into the stone naturally.  This can add a desirable aged effect to your paving stones if your paving is being installed in a heritage property.  Cleaning solutions are available to clean oil or tyre marks using a pressure washer.  Acacia gardens also offer a patio and driveway cleaning service.  Call us to find out more.


We offer a turfing service where we can lay a new lawn for you.  This can also include border planting and general garden planting.  Alternatively, we can maintain your existing lawn with our  lawn care service, which includes moss removal, aeration, scarifying and re-seeding where required.


Artificial turf is an excellent time saving low maintenance solution for a growing number of people.  Due to the pace of modern life people have less time to devote to simple garden maintenance tasks like lawn mowing or weeding.  These time consuming jobs become a thing of the past with artificial grass, as does problems of bare patches in your lawn or watering your grass through summer droughts.  Artificial turf is also a perfect solution in areas that receive very little sunlight.

We are able to offer a variety of artificial grass types with varying prices.  Generally, we have found that although artificial turf is slightly more expensive to install than a natural grass lawn, over time, this extra expense is offset by savings in time and money  on maintenance and watering costs.

Yes, artificial turf is easy to keep clean and sterile if you have pets.  It is also completely safe for children to play on all year round without them getting muddy.  We are also able to install a soft padded underlay for extra safety if required.

Once installed, you can expect your artificial turf to have at least a 12-15 year lifespan.  We only install high quality artificial turf from maket leading manufacturers.  Many of them provide an extensive guarantee for their products, including UV protection.

This is a debatable question.  Manufacture of artificial turf creates its own carbon footprint, although it may be said that this is minimal compared to years of using an electric or pertrol driven lawn mower, which would create its own carbon footprint.  Certain manufacturers have also begun to produce artificial turf from recycled plastic and old car tyres to produce a more ecologically friendly solution.


Raised beds made from brickwork or timber sleepers have become very popular over the last few years, as they offer the opportunity to grow your produce in an easy to manage area.  Raised beds are very effective for increasing efficiency and yield when growing your own fruit and vegetables.  Because the soil in the beds is deep, loose and fertile your plants benefit from improved soil drainage and aeration.  Weeds are easier to pull up and if you have children playing in your garden there is much less of a chance of plant damage as the soil is never walked upon or compacted.

Raised flower beds are easier to maintain and less prone to infestation from insects.  They can be utilised to divide areas or just add interest to your garden and are ideal for gardeners with limited mobility, as they can be tended from a seated position.

Raised flower beds made from brickwork are amongst our most popular building services and we love the look they create.  The size and shape can be tailored to your own preferences and the different finishes of bricks we use, will suit all styles and budgets.  Our design team will be happy to advise you on the suitability of the differing bricks available and how best to incorporate your design ideas


Our garden clearance and garden tidy up service is fast, efficient and great value for money.  We offer a full garden clearance service including removal of garden and building waste. We offer shed disassembly and garden structure removal.  We are also licensed for Asbestos removal and Asbestos disposal and are able to remove and dispose of other hazardous materials.

If you require a garden tidy up on an infrequent basis service is ideal for you.  This includes: lawn mowing, pruning, hedge cutting, weeding and soil turnover.  We will also take care of all the waste disposal.  We offer competitive rates and can arrange garden clearances at short notice. Call us today for a fast, efficient value for money garden clearance service in London.


We offer a fully comprehensive tree surgery service in London. We are able to offer a range of services including:- Pruning, Crown lifting, Thinning, Cleaning, tree reduction and reshaping, tree cutting and removal, removal of dead wood, Stump removal, precision tree Felling, disease treatment, and an emergency tree surgery service, for dangerous or fallen trees.

Our team can help with choosing and planting new trees as well as advice We can  include tree removal along with root removal or stump grinding, crown management and pruning. We can provide consultation on tree planting and can carry out this on your behalf.  Our team can also maintain your hedges.

Our qualified tree surgeons will assess the site to ensure that the tree can be removed safely with the minimum disruption. We’ll advise on the best method of tree removal, stump removal and root removal depending on the tree, the location, property access and other relevant factors. When we have finished the tree cutting, we will remove all the tree waste from your premises.